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Art Advisory Services

GS Art Concierge offers a comprehensive suite of art consulting services for new and seasoned collectors, as well as estates. These include:

Whether you are making your first art investment or deepening an existing collection, GS Art Concierge leverages auction-house and dealer connections and broad knowledge of the art market to find works that align with your taste, thematic interests, budget, and investment goals, while negotiating and managing logistics on your behalf to ensure the art-buying process remain as enjoyable as it should be.

Whether you find yourself Executor to an Estate with an array of artworks, or wish to monetize a portion of your art collection due to strategic considerations, altered life circumstances, or simply a shift in your collecting focus, GS Art Concierge provides comprehensive consignment services that include inventory creation and organization, soliciting proposals from dealers, auctionhouses, and online platforms; negotiating best terms, and handling the entire sales process on clients’ behalf.

If you seek to generate fast liquidity to seize investment opportunities, pay off expenses, or fund acquisitions while avoiding the tax triggers and transactional costs of selling an artwork, GS Art Concierge provides specific guidance on the process of using your collection as collateral, and connections to an extensive network of loan providers.
Coordinating provenance, conservation, and scientific research for owned pieces and potential acquisitions for due diligence and protection purposes.

Services tailored to client needs. 
Commission, project, and/or hourly arrangements available. 
Complimentary first consultation in person or over Google Meet.

For more information call/text +1 (973) 820-5961 or e-mail

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