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Art Consulting Services
for Interior Designers

GS Art Concierge partners with top interior designers to source artwork for time- and labor-intensive projects. Prior collaborations include premier design houses featured in Top 100 lists for Elle Decor, House Beautiful, and other publications. Whether conceptualizing a traditional, modern, industrial, or eclectic space, GS Art Concierge will channel your vision to source artworks your clients will cherish, while affirming your studio’s trademark aesthetic.

We connect in person or virtually to discuss the project, exchanging moodboards, swatches, dimensions, and other details. I come back to you with a selection of pieces tailored to your requested size, period, color, budget, and subject matter. Inegotiate prices with dealers,  handle auction bidding, and provide logistical support to make the process as seamless as possible.

Primarily commission-based, and always with full transparency. Whether selecting one focal piece or curating an entire home, we can design an agreement tailored to your project's needs.

For more information call/text +1 (973) 820-5961 or e-mail

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